Add a New Employee

  1. Click Employees in the menu at the top of the main screen.

  2. Enter the Administrator PIN code if prompted.
  3. Click OK.

  4. Click New Employee.

  5. If applicable select a Work Group (optional) for the Employee.
  6. Enter the Employees First and Last Name.
  7. Enter the Employees ID (optional). This can be helpful for integration with other systems or companies who prefer to use ID numbers.
  8. Enter the Employees PIN code. The employee will use this code to clock in and out. If this field is left blank, anyone will be able to clock the employee in and out.
  9. Enter the Employees Regular Pay Rate.
  10. Enter the Employees Overtime Pay Rate.
  11. Enter Notes (optional) for the employee.
  12. Click the Page 2 tab at the top to enter more information for the employee.

  13. Enter the Address (optional).
  14. Enter the Mobile and Home Phone Numbers (optional).
  15. Enter the Email Address (optional).
  16. Enter the Hire Date and Birth Date (optional).

  17. Click OK to save all changes to the employee.

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