Add a New Time Entry

  1. Click Time Entries in the menu at the top of the main screen.

  2. Enter the Administrator PIN code if prompted.
  3. Click OK.

  4. Click Add Employee Time.

  5. Select the Employee.
  6. Select the Job (optional).
  7. Select the Pay Type (optional).
  8. Set the Time In.
  9. Set the Time Out.
  10. Change the Regular Pay, it will default to the selected employee’s regular pay rate.
  11. Change the Overtime Pay, it will default to the selected employee’s overtime pay rate.
  12. Change the Regular Hours total, it will default to the time span between the Time In and Time Out, up to the Daily Overtime in System Setup.
  13. Change the Overtime Hours total. It should be the difference between the Time In/Time Out time span and Regular Hours. The Overtime and Regular Hours should total the time span between Time In and Time Out.
  14. Enter Note (optional).
  15. Click OK.

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