Move the Database

The Employee Time Punch database can be moved to any location on your computer or your network.

  1. Click System Setup and then System Settings in the menu at the top of the main screen.

  2. Enter the Administrator PIN code if prompted.
  3. Click OK.

  4. Select the Database tab at the top of the Settings window.
  5. Click the Find button next to the current Database location.

  6. Right-click the Employee Time Punch file and click copy.

  7. Now browse to the location where you would like to move the database file using the directory explorer on the left side of the window or by clicking the drop down at the top of the window and then browsing to the new location. Once you are at the location you want to move the file to, right-click in the window and click paste.
    * Warning - be careful not to overwrite an existing database that has valuable data in it during this step. If there is already an Employee Time Punch database file in the location you plan to paste to make sure you have a copy of it before you overwrite it.

  8. Once you have pasted the file, double-click on it in the window.

  9. Your Database selection should now read the new location, click OK.

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